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Sacramento Taxi Cab Service

How Many Taxi Companies Are In Sacramento ?

The city of Sacramento has seven taxi companies some of them are single owner company some of them are the owner operator, here is some information about companies. 1. Yellow Cab Of Sacramento: this is a single owner company, but … Continue reading

Uber Effect On Sacramento Taxi Drivers

As all of you know Uber is killing the Sacramento taxi industry, some areas you may have noticed there is no taxi service.There is always a question why taxi companies are not dropping their rates? The answer is it practically … Continue reading

Sacramento International Airport – Ground Transportation

The Sacramento Metro International Airport is only one of the incredible illustrations of accomplishment and development in the more amazing Sacramento Metropolitan range. Any individual who has voyage in or out of Metro Airport as of late can’t deny the … Continue reading

How To Get A Taxi At Sacramento Airport

Sacramento is the modern and fantastic capital city of the California and the main gateway to the city is Sacramento Airport for many travelers. With several ways to find a Sacramento Airport taxi at SMF airport, you should choose the … Continue reading

Taxi Vs Self Driving

When you’ve got your car or truck to acquire all around on a daily basis, the thinking behind phoning a motor vehicle service or perhaps shuttle to keep up your current travelling needs might seem such as a weird notion. … Continue reading

Downtown Sac Taxi Service – Airport Special

Want to get taxi in Sac Downtown, it’s rely easy but it’s very important you get in right taxi. In downtown Sac taxi service provided by several taxi companies, but Kmm Cab Co is the one of the best known … Continue reading

How to get taxi driver permit in Sacramento

To get a taxi driver permit you need to go through several steps First you need to contact a taxi company who you want to work with the company manager will authorize you to join his company. The company manager … Continue reading

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