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How Many Taxi Companies Are In Sacramento ?

The city of Sacramento has seven taxi companies some of them are single owner company some of them are the owner operator, here is some information about companies.

1. Yellow Cab Of Sacramento: this is a single owner company, but recently they started adding owner operator. They are base on 900 Richards Blvd Sacramento contact phone number is 916-444-2222.

2. California Co-Op Cab. is an owner operator company base on 506 Glide Ave West Sacramento dispatch line is 916-444-7777.

3. Smart Cab Association: Smart Cab Assn is an owner operator company based on 721 N B St Ste # 6 Sacramento customer service phone number 916-449-8000.

4. STA ( Sacramento Taxi Association ): is an owner operator company based on 18 Business Park Way Sacramento dispatch line 916-388-9510

5. Capital Cab: capital cab is an owner operator company based on 3117 El Camino Ave Sacramento phone 916-444-4443.

6. SITOA or Sacramento Independent Owner Operator Association: Is the only company who holds the airport contract and allow to pick up from SMF company is base on 6900 Airport Blvd Sacramento dispatch 916-444-0008.

7. B.C Cab: is single owner company based on 1922 Naomi Way Sacramento phone 916-265-2392.

These are the only taxi companies who are registered with The City Of Sacramento you may find many different name on internet they are all working under these associations and they are easily recognizable.Every taxi association has their own color code and unique taxi numbers which make them differ from each other.If you need more information about taxi companies in Sacramento contact The City Of Sacramento at 311.

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