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How to get taxi driver permit in Sacramento

To get a taxi driver permit you need to go through several steps

  1. First you need to contact a taxi company who you want to work with the company manager will authorize you to join his company. The company manager has to fill his part on application.
  2. Drug test: you will have to do drug test which will cost you $25.00. After you done drug test wait at least two to three business days to go to the city hall because it takes time.Drug test facility send your results directly to city hall.
  3. Fill the form and take it to the city hall before noon because city hall does not accept any taxi related application after 12:00pm. The fee is for new permits $190.00 and renewal permits $195.00 and fingerprinting fees- $88.00
  4. Finger prints will be taken in the city of Sacramento.They will check your  background  you should not have any criminal record otherwise city will reject your application.
  5. After you done your finger prints they will tell you when you when your temporary permit will be ready for pickup only your company manager can pickup that permit.
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