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How To Get A Taxi At Sacramento Airport

Sacramento is the modern and fantastic capital city of the California and the main gateway to the city is Sacramento Airport for many travelers. With several ways to find a Sacramento Airport taxi at SMF airport, you should choose the best option for your needs.

Instructions How To Get Taxi At SMF

  • Terminal A or these airlines United Airline, US Airways, Delta Airline. After collect your luggage follow overhead directions to ground transportation area. Here you will find a Sacramento airport taxi. If you have reservation find your taxi all the way back in the taxi line.
  • Terminal B or all other airlines. When you walk out form plane you have to get on train to reach baggage area after you clear your custom. Come out form door number 2 that’s where you will fine Sacramento airport taxi. All taxis with reservation will be parked behind the SMF taxi line. Check this link for SMF Taxi fare informaiton


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